Creative Explorers seeking Perfection.

About us

We seek to create magic and visualize the impossible, to explain business products in an easy and visual way – to show them from a 360-degree perspective by employing impressive digital 3D visualizations and animation.

We focus on the development of digital solutions, which contribute to our clients’ success in engaging customers and reaching new markets. We work with startups, established businesses and the world’s leading brands from the US, Canada, UK, Sweden, Finland and the rest of Europe.


We pay the same regard to our work, team and our customer. Our work ethics and company culture is based on crucial core values.

  • Growing the expertise

    Because you will be part of a team which is curious, seeks to grow, enjoys learning and loves to share their ideas.

  • Trusting each other

    Because you will be part of a team which builds a transparent and friendly work environment. A team, in which every member shares expectations, keeps a promise to a friend, supports each other to get things going, seeks ambitious goals, shares achievements, good times and hard times.

  • Exploring Creativity

    Because you will be part of a team which fosters a culture of creativity and loves to explore and create magic.

  • Seeking perfection

    Because you will part of a team which seeks to be perfect – at least nearly perfect – in the things they do.


I enjoy working at Indeform as I always get to challenge myself with something new. The whole crew is very fun and supportive, so the atmosphere is great, but you also make results.

Elena Liski, Nordic Operations Manager, Finland