Vilnius castle VFX

Reconstructed medieval Vilnius Castle built into real video footage

reconstructed vilnius castle

The Client

M.P.3 is an independent music agency and specializes in music management, publishing, public relations, concert, and event organization. The agency has been working with performers that represent such genres as pop, rock, and electronic music. Currently, the agency is cooperating with the pioneers of rock in Lithuania, a band called Siela, the legendary and most famous Lithuanian rock band Antis, and the swiftly rising Lithuanian-Norwegian band Rasabasa.

The Solution - Reconstructed Vilnius Castle VFX

In 2014, the M.P.3 agency cooperated with Indeform to create an immersive visual 3D reconstruction and VFX footage of Lithuania’s capital symbol – the Vilnius Castle. It was created for the concert of the famous Lithuanian rock band Antis, which was due to be performed the same year. We reconstructed a 3D model of the castle, did video tracking, lighting, and composition on video footage. All done on time and on budget.


We are proud to have been a part of such an inspiring project and we hope to be able to work with other projects in the music industry in the future as well.