Automated multilanguage user interface with integrated explanatory animations

Automated multilanguage user interface (UI/UX) with integrated explanatory animations for water ionisation devices

The Client

Burbuliukas & Co is a highly experienced, rapidly growing, and expanding company specializing in the production of water ionizers. Burbuliukas & Co exports the majority of its products to European countries such as Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, etc. The company's products cater to the needs of individuals who are enthusiastic about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as ionized and silverized water helps to maintain the balance of alkalis and acids in the human body, and also acts as an antioxidant. The water ionizers have received certificates meeting the highest standards for reliability, quality, and safety. To showcase their products professionally and innovatively, Burbuliukas & Co enlisted the expertise of Indeform Digital's team specialists. Throughout nearly a decade of partnership, Indeform's team of experts has provided a wide range of services including product control menu updates, 3D visualizations, explainer animations, and animated video commercials.

The Problem

It is essential to provide comprehensive information on how to operate the device to ensure easy and simple use. As a result, Burbuliukas & Co, the water ionizer manufacturing company, confidently approached Indeform Digital to create a user-friendly control menu for the "aQuator Vivo" and "Respo" devices.

The Solution

An innovative, multilingual user interface has been created for the "aQuator Vivo" water ionizer and the next-generation "Respo" water ionization tap, ensuring effortless operation for both devices.When creating these types of interfaces, it is crucial to prioritize high quality and reliability. Our software solutions guarantee top-notch quality and dependability, enabling swift and efficient management of menu creation, editing, and updating. This automation allows for the rapid addition of new languages, navigation branches, and format conversions.An animated explanatory animation has been incorporated into the menus to acquaint users with the device's functions and ensure a clear understanding of the operation of the “aQuator Vivo” water ionizer. This visual presentation not only provides operating instructions but also minimizes the likelihood of user errors, informs users of necessary steps, and reduces the volume of customer inquiries.

Despite the challenge of limited screen space and controls, our specialists at Indeform Digital meticulously optimized the layout and size of menu items to ensure easy navigation and quick access to key functions. The menu structure is designed to enable users to effortlessly view and select desired options or settings.Additionally, Indeform Digital's experts paid meticulous attention to the aesthetic appearance, design details, and graphical expression of the menus, resulting in a sleek and modern design that guarantees an intuitive user experience.

Value Added

  • The thoughtfully designed control menu guarantees a delightful customer experience and conveys a polished brand image;
  • The inclusion of informative animations significantly enhanced the user experience by effectively conveying device usage instructions;
  • Automation solutions have significantly enhanced the efficiency of making corrections and improvements to the user interface. These solutions enable seamless integration of new languages, navigation branches, and the ability to convert different formats, all in a quick and efficient manner.

Final words

The advanced multilingual user interface not only streamlines product management but also adapts to users' linguistic and cultural needs, ensuring smooth content delivery and user-friendly interaction. The integrated explanatory animation ensures clear information transfer, boosts user engagement, and simplifies device interaction. We are proud to have supported Burbuliukas & Co's product development by delivering professional digital content services.

Used Technologies

  • Blender


Device user interface, explanatory animation