3D product visualizations, explainer animation and animated video commercial for aQuator Vivo

High-quality digital solutions for water ionizer company Burbuliukas & Co

The Client

Burbuliukas & Co is a highly experienced, rapidly growing, and expanding company specializing in the production of water ionizers. Burbuliukas & Co exports the majority of its products to European countries such as Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, etc. The company's products cater to the needs of individuals who are enthusiastic about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as ionized and silverized water helps to maintain the balance of alkalis and acids in the human body, and also acts as an antioxidant. The water ionizers have received certificates meeting the highest standards for reliability, quality, and safety. To showcase their products professionally and innovatively, Burbuliukas & Co enlisted the expertise of Indeform Digital's team specialists. Throughout nearly a decade of partnership, Indeform Digital's team of experts has provided a wide range of services including product control menu updates, 3D visualizations, explainer animations, and animated video commercials. 

The Problem

Water ionization is not an obvious, visible process, so the ionizer production company needed to create a clear visual representation of the water ionizer "aQuator Vivo", where the properties of water are changed by electrolysis (water ionization). At the same time, the company wanted to combine this detailed explanation of the product's operation with an animated video commercial to represent its products and contribute to increasing sales.

The Solution

3D Visualizations and Explainer Animation. To explain the intricate process of a water ionizer simply and engagingly, an animated explainer video has been created. The Indeform Digital experts have learned the principles of electrolysis and operation of the "aQuator Vivo" device, applied advanced animation techniques, and created an animation that demonstrates the production of alkaline, acidic, and silvery water. The animation illustrates the steps involved in water ionization and visualizes the invisible in an easy-to-understand way. In addition to the technical information, the animation presents a distinctive, modern product design, highlighting the essential features of the device. 

Animated commercial video. A visually appealing and effective presentation of the company's latest products was created using professional animation and video editing techniques. The animated commercial video highlights the functional features of the devices while emphasizing the modern design. The promotional video aims to introduce the product, highlight its benefits, and create emotional interest for the consumer.

Value Added

  • 3D product visualizations allow to visualize the company's products in an aesthetic and modern way;
  • High-quality explainer animations have been used to present the device modernly, making it easier for customers to understand its operation and benefits;
  • The animated commercial video efficiently presents the device's operational processes and key benefits, attracting end-users;

Final words

Visualization and animation are important tools for developing/delivering products or services. It can transform complex processes or abstract concepts into easily understandable and accessible information. We are pleased to enhance the market image of Burbuliukas & Co by providing professional 3D product visualizations along with explainers and commercial animations.

Used Technologies

  • Blender;
  • Services

    Explainer animation, 3D visualizations.