3D product visualizations - Bigso Box premium packaging

High-quality 3D product visualizations for premium packaging company Bigso Box

3D visualization of the packaging

The Client

Bigso Box, based in Sweden since 1963, is one of Europe's largest manufacturers of premium packaging. The company supplies products to both individuals and businesses, with its goods being stocked by brands like IKEA and ZARA. Bigso Box is well-known for its durable design, modern style, and wide range of packaging options tailored for different spaces. In 2020, Bigso Box approached Indeform Digital to create high-quality and photorealistic 3D product visualizations for its packaging catalogs. A successful partnership has resulted in the majority of the product visualizations being created by Indeform Digital specialists.

The problem

To ensure a high-quality and visually appealing presentation of its products, the packaging manufacturer had to dedicate significant amounts of time and resources to photography, editing, and other product presentation processes. Years of experience and a commitment to bringing premium products to the market have led to a quest for ways to ensure the most professional corporate image and customer experience possible, including product previews in digital environments or catalogs.

The Solution

In collaboration with the client, Indeform Digital's experts created high-quality, photorealistic 3D visualizations of the packaging products. These visualizations effectively display the product's key features such as size, color, texture, and functionality. The development of each product visualization was based on real product characteristics. The possibility to physically examine the products has allowed Indeform Digital's specialists to efficiently assess packaging materials, surface properties and take accurate measurements. In addition, product visualization automation has reduced the time to produce high-quality photorealistic visualizations without compromising quality.

Because of the very high scale of the project, it was possible to optimize the company's resources by automating the process of creating product visualizations. By using previously developed materials and textures, it was possible to adapt them to existing or new products of the client. Managing and updating key templates accelerated company operations and ensured efficient visualization creation.

Created 3D product visualizations provided an effective way to present products in a professional and visually appealing way to their customers in various formats. Indeform Digital's specialist visualizations are used in print advertising, online sales platforms, digital advertising, videos, etc. Providing high-quality, realistic, and widely accessible product visualizations ensures a high level of customer satisfaction.

Value added

  • Created photorealistic, high-quality visualizations that reflect the actual size, texture, shape, color, and other important product characteristics;
  • The process automation has ensured time and resource savings by enabling quick updates for changes in product parameters, colors, or textures;
  • The efficient reuse of created materials and textures speeds up product visualization and optimizes resource allocation;
  • 3D visualizations provided additional opportunities to present products in an appealing, aesthetic, and professional manner, enhancing sales promotion.

Summing up

We are delighted to utilize our vast experience in 3D product visualization. We firmly believe that top-notch 3D visualizations are essential not only for simplifying the process of showcasing a product but also for projecting a professional and polished image to customers.

Used Technologies

  • Blender


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