Animated rainwater system installation explainer for Ruukki

Animated rainwater system installation instructions

Rainwater systems installation explainer for Ruukki

Ruukki Corporation is a Helsinki based Finland’s largest manufacturer of steel constructions and products. It produces and supplies metal-based components and systems to the construction and engineering industries. Their produce includes such items as cabins and chassis for heavy vehicles, hot rolled steel plates and coils, roofing sheets as well as building and bridge structures, high quality roof and rainwater systems.

Ruukki partnered with Indeform to create an animated 3D video for installing a rainwater system. We worked closely with the client to create sketches for the sequence of the installation steps and script for the potential scenario. Our 3D artists created 3D models of the parts and tools required for assembling the rainwater system. We created 3d video explainer/instructions which helps Ruukki in showcasing the product - step by step instructions with shown actions and numbers leave no place for misinterpretation. It is a great visual way of communication language between manufacturers, suppliers and construction companies or product consultants. An instruction text that may take couple of pages to describe the process, can be shown as a few minutes video in a clean and understandable way.