Schematic Medical Heart and Kidney Visualizations for Magazine Illustration

Medical Visualizations

Schematic medical visualizations of the heart and kidneys for a scientific journal illustration

3D visual illustrations considerably enrich textual content and scientific presentations or medical articles. The value of illustration is also highly regarded by the authors who have the need for publishing their writings in journals, magazines and websites. It is a proven fact that good illustrations immediately capture attention and settle in the viewers’ minds.

We worked on a schematic visual illustration of the heart and kidneys for scientific medical magazines. This medical visualization depicts the external and internal anatomy of the heart and kidneys. The anatomical heart structure includes the right and left anterior descending coronary arteries, auricles, ventricles and great vessels (superior and vena cavae, pulmonary trunk and aorta). The visualization also depicts a coronal section of the kidneys, so one can see their anatomy, which contains the major calix, renal pelvis, ureter, renal cortex, renal columns, renal papilla, minor calix and renal pyramid. Done and delivered – 3D modeling, texturing, Blender Cycles materials, animation of the heart activity simulation, lighting, composition and rendering.