Professional 3D product visualizations for SALDA

Photorealistic 3D product visualizations for ventilation system company SALDA

The Client

SALDA is a company that specializes in ventilation systems, with over 30 years of experience in providing ventilation solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial premises. The company ensures the highest industry standards by certifying the quality of its products through an accredited testing laboratory, where rigorous product testing is carried out. SALDA offers an extensive range of ventilation equipment, which is constantly updated to meet the ever-changing needs of the market. The collaboration between SALDA and Indeform Digital has resulted in attractive ventilation solutions presented through photorealistic 3D product visualizations.

The Problem

Metal products have specific material properties that require significant effort to create a suitable product photography environment. Additionally, product photography can be challenging when it comes to representing products with complex structures, such as uneven surfaces or intricate joints. Due to the high production volume, complex designs, and high standards for product visualization, a ventilation system manufacturer SALDA approached the Indeform Digital team to present the products professionally. The main objective was to ensure high-quality product visualizations that accurately represent the product's characteristics.

The Solution

Indeform Digital's team of experts has successfully created high-resolution 3D models that provide a detailed representation of various ventilation system products. 3D digital visualizations provide a thorough look at the product's features, resulting in a significant increase in customer satisfaction and trust

One of the significant benefits of using 3D visualization is the ability to use previously developed product materials and quickly adapt them to existing products or new product lines. This fast and efficient creation of 3D visualizations allows the company to allocate time and other resources efficiently to achieve the best results.

Additionally, 3D visualization enables efficient management of production processes and operational productivity. By leveraging advanced 3D visualization solutions, businesses can efficiently respond to dynamic market changes and specific customer demands to develop innovative new products or tailored solutions.

Value Added

  • High-resolution, photorealistic 3D visualizations ensure accurate and visually appealing product presentation;
  • Application of 3D-printed materials to existing or new products optimizes manufacturer resources by saving time and money;
  • Efficient creation of high-quality visualizations ensures quick response to market changes.

Final words

3D visualizations are becoming an essential tool for the professional representation of products, efficient allocation of time and financial resources, and flexible adaptation to consumer needs. This technology simplifies business operations and enhances customer experience with appealing product visualizations.

Used Technologies

  • Blender


3D visualizations, product visualizations